“  Atmospheric land  ” - silicone et poussière de terre - 2018

Atmospheric land” - silicone et poussière de terre - 2018

 Artist Statement

I describe my work as a meditation on the contemporary man and his limits but also about the power that he is able to exert on space and nature, approaching an increasingly fragile balance. The focus is on rediscovering the imprint of man, his capacity to dialogue with nature, to participate in an increasingly needed thinking on the relationship between man and nature.

Represented by: Belgian Gallery / Miquel Alzueta Gallery / En Blanco Gallery/ Pigment Gallery / N2 Gallery

Collaborates with: World Food Programme (ONU), Red Cross, Amnesty International, amassunu(ong), Plataforma per la llengua.cat, Les 3 Lézards Edition and Red Internacional de Biomímesis

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