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Finalist at Sculpture Prix Vila Casas Fondation. Can Mario Museum

  • Museu Can Mario spain (map)

"Test table for a reconfigurated territory"  

 materials: emerging serigraphied alabaster stone, painted wood with RGB colours and iron. 


The work is a meditation on the contemporary man and his limits but also about the power that he can exert on space and nature, approaching an increasingly fragile balance. The focus is on rediscovering the imprint of man, his capacity to dialogue with nature, to participate in a growing needed thinking on the relationship between man and nature, the idea of the finiteness of the world.

A man who identifies himself, taking deep roots in the earth and at the same time, a man that imprints his trace, his dominating character in order to appropriate the nature, control it, divide it, dominate it and enclose it.

The manipulation of the territory that, as in a game it was, we allocatenames, functions, purposes and uses, codifying it to the extreme of shaping it back in a new territory that reflects the distance which whom the contemporaneous man treats the earth. 

A relation of control on the nature, aseptic and comfortable for us, a «developable» nature, reduced to a plot that represents the oblivion of the naturalism showed by Manet in his painting «Luncheon on the Grass» and replaced by the cold and distant relational rationalism.


They are new pure territories-landscapes, deprived, in crisis and critical that generate a dense and silent atmosphere, full of quietness, mystery and vertigo. Landscapes that from the silence are watching us, and turning back the look as a mirror reflects our own men’s nature. 

All together, an ambiguous space, dim, vague, non-leading, on the edge of the emptiness but simultaneously present. A dense and silent space at the same time, where the man wanders, a man who is walking, lost, experiencing the finiteness, the loneliness, the abandonment and the existential emptiness, the fragility of the balance.

This work uses alabaster stone which appears to the surface , vulnerable to degradation when being exposed to open sky, the stone records over the years the imprint of the place, reflection of the local Natural History, memory of the territory, footprint of the life. The playful dimension of the artwork comes from the painted colourful pieces in RGB, that make us think about the infinite possibilities of reconfiguration of the space in a sequence of trials one after the other in order to, basically, maintain us far from the desperate and pressing reality. The work has thus a serious character for its debate and a playful one for its approach.